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Talk is my personal journey to the future. Future is a metaphor for ipv6 internet. During the talk, it will be explained what motivated me to even start this adventure. Ipv6 adoption by country will be mentioned.

It will start with an intro and talk about some fundamentals every one of us is encountering while accessing the internet. We will cover ipv4 and ipv6, along with the current states of both address spaces (availability, prices).

Methods of acquiring ipv6 address space will be covered. Two methods of starting with ipv6 and dual stack will be covered. I will call them “”free”” and “”non-free””, but we could also call them “”easy”” and “”little harder”” method. Ipv6 tunnel brokers will be mentioned, along with pros and cons of using this method. BGP as a protocol will be mentioned, along with BGP VM, and common tunnel types when there is no ability to do BGP with local ISP. I will explain why I switched from “”free”” to “”non-free”” method.
Possible router hardware will be mentioned, along with some personal recommendations. RIPE will be mentioned, we will touch the topic of IP transit, upstream providers and bgp.services url will be mentioned. It is list of providers offering ip transit (if permitted, not affiliated with any of them).

Drawings of my current dual stack network setups will be shown. I have everything MikroTik based at the moment (I grew up with MikroTik, but now I outgrew it so I will mention that I am in the process of switching to x86 hardware running router OS).

Lessons learned and things to watch out for will be mentioned.

I hope I will manage to share knowledge with attendees by presenting and explaining how relatively easy it is to get to dual stack network and enjoy ipv6 internet. The idea behind the talk is to motivate people to start using ipv6, because they are missing out :)

Nikola Garafolić – Born and raised in Varaždin, Croatia. 15 years of Linux experience, I’ve seen stuff. 3D print enthusiast. Drone pilot. DevOps guy by day, geek by night.


[Slides (PDF)] [Recording (MP4)]

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