Level: Low-tech

In this talk, I will present a unique behind-the-scenes perspective on running oss-security since 2008 and its private counterpart (linux-)distros since 2011, as well as historical perspective on their predecessor mailing lists some of which I’ve been on since 1990s. Rationale for their existence, different approaches, tough decisions and challenges, opinions and food for thought, community participation, timeline, statistics. Present time and the future. Whether, when, and how to use the lists.

Alexander Peslyak, better known as Solar Designer, is the founder of Openwall, a community project and professional services company focused on security of Open Source software. He achieved a number of “”firsts”” in (anti-)exploitation of memory corruption vulnerabilities, co-authored much of Openwall’s software including John the Ripper and other password security tools, runs the oss-security and (linux-)distros mailing lists – among many other past and current activities. Alexander spoke at numerous international conferences.

Alexander’s other hat is Chief Architect at Binarly, where he is contributing to the mission to build the world’s most advanced firmware supply chain security platform.


[Slides (PDF)] [Recording (MP4)]

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