Let the countdown begin ..

| May 10th, 2023

CFP is closed! We got 23 submissions, and in the following days, we will start announcing the chosen talks/workshops. Although CfP is closed and you still think you have something to share, let us know via email cfp[at]bsidesljubljana[dot], twitter @BSidesLjubljana or Mastodon @[email protected].

Oh, yes tickets.

While participation is FREE, you still need a ticket.

Tickets will go out in two rounds:

  • May 12th, 10 am (CET),
  • May 26th, 10 am (CET).

.. and yes, the amount of tickets is very very limited, due to this year’s venue capacities. Please take a ticket only if you are really planning to come and participate. For more details, see tickets page for more details. Keep in mind that besides the free tickets, there are also supporter tickets available, which help us cover some of the costs. Be a supporter or if you are a company, consider sponsoring us.

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