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See you all in 12h!

We have already started the countdown while we are in final preparation for another BSidesLjubljana event in 7 days!

Status update while you do the countdown with us:

  • BSidesLjubljana 0x7E7 agenda for the 16th of June is online now. Fingers crossed, this is final, and there will be no more cancellations. (There are still some empty track slots – if you would like to participate and share something – you get a TICKET in exchange :))) )
  • BSidesLjubjana is again completely SOLD OUT, and we still have people on the waiting list for tickets! If you have a ticket, but you’re not coming, please return the ticket via Eventbrite or let us know so that we can pass it on to someone else. Thank you!
  • It’s awesome to see that there are individuals, who bought supporting tickets, and companies, that are supporting us, that see great value in supporting community events like ours! Thank you Pareto Security, 0patch, 3FS !
  • We are inviting you to participate also by sharing something with us by giving a <7min Lightning talk. More information and how to apply in the Lightning talks section.

Thanks for tweeting using #BSidesLjubljana hashtag! See you next Friyay!


Here are rules:

  • Download the following file https://0x7e7[dot]bsidesljubljana[dot]si/
  • Solve it and extract flag `ctf{}`
  • Go to and enter the flag as the access code to collect your FREE ticket. CODE is flag as `ctf{<CODE>}`
  • Let others, and us know about it! Tweet that you have successfully extracted the flag and collected the ticket including the hashtag #BSidesLjubljana

Let the countdown begin ..

| May 10th, 2023

CFP is closed! We got 23 submissions, and in the following days, we will start announcing the chosen talks/workshops. Although CfP is closed and you still think you have something to share, let us know via email cfp[at]bsidesljubljana[dot], twitter @BSidesLjubljana or Mastodon

Oh, yes tickets.

While participation is FREE, you still need a ticket.

Tickets will go out in two rounds:

  • May 12th, 10 am (CET),
  • May 26th, 10 am (CET).

.. and yes, the amount of tickets is very very limited, due to this year’s venue capacities. Please take a ticket only if you are really planning to come and participate. For more details, see tickets page for more details. Keep in mind that besides the free tickets, there are also supporter tickets available, which help us cover some of the costs. Be a supporter or if you are a company, consider sponsoring us.

CfP deadline extended

| May 1st, 2023

Our CfP dragon has some news regarding CfP deadline!

                              /   \       
 _                    )      ((   ))     (
(@)                  /|\      ))_((     /|\
|-|                 / | \    (/\|/\)   / | \                  (@)
| | ---------------/--|-voV---\`|'/--Vov-|--\-----------------|-|
|-|                     '^`   (o o)  '^`                      | |
| |                           `\Y/'                           |-|
|-|                                                           | |
| |          CfP DEADLINE EXTENDED - 10th May                 |-|
|-|                                                           | |
| |                                                           |-|
|_|___________________________________________________________| |
(@)          l   /\ /          \\       \ /\   l            `\|-|
             l /   V            ))       V   \ l              (@)
             l/                //             \I

Are you doing something interesting, super exciting, and fun that you would like your peers to hear about? BSides is organized by the community for the community, and everyone is encouraged to participate. If you would like to share the excitement about the work you do and enable others to learn from you and gain recognition in the community, give a talk at the event. CfP is still open (for 10 extra days), so hurry up and submit your talk here: